Welcome to ClickPoints, an innovative WebApp that leverages the power of social media to take Paying-It-Forward and Charitable Giving to a whole new level!

Social Networking

This exclusive social portal allows members to connect and engage in a variety of online activities around a common cause. Using this portal you can:

  • Connect and build relationships around a common cause
  • Advocate for your favorite cause
  • Leverage your relationships to help spread the word

Create Profile

Create and manage your personal profile


Join groups in the network that share your interest


Help spread the word. Tell others about this online community


Follow friends, share resources and activities

Rewards Program

The ClickPoints Rewards Program engages, challenges, and rewards members based on their activities on the website. Every time you login, post, share, shop, etc, you earn reward points! As a member you can:

  • Track personal points
  • Earn Badges and Rank based on points
  • Buy points using real money
  • Earn points when shopping online


Earn points through a variety of online activities

Earn Badges & Ranks

Earn Badges and Ranks based on your activities


Shop online and earn points for your account


Convert your points to cash and shop online at Amazon


The ClickPoints WebApp leverages the power of social networking to take Paying-it-Forward to a whole new level! This is how it work:

  • A member links up with another member in the network
  • That member Pays-it-Forward by transferring points to someone else
  • That recipient can reciprocate and do the same thing for someone else

The Universal Law of Reciprocity - What Goes Around, Comes Around!


Link Up

Link up with others in the network you want to share points with


Pay-it-Forward by randomly transferring points to someone else


Share your personal Pay-it-Forward experience with everyone in the network


Nominate and vote for the best Pay-it-Forward experience

The overall objective is to engage and reward millions of members all participating in, and benefiting from, the Universal Law of Reciprocity - what goes around, comes around!